Target industries

Our consultancy services are mainly focused on the following category of industries:

  • Cement and mines.
  • Chemicals and fertilizers industry.
  • Electroplating industry.
  • Food processing.
  • Foundries
  • Leather tanning industry.
  • Metallurgical industry.
  • Milk and milk by-products.
  • Oil and gas industry.
  • Paper and pulp industry.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Starch processing industries.
  • Sugar mills, fermentation and distillery.
  • Textile processing industry.
  • Thermal power plants.



With wide-ranging technical expertise and deep-rooted understanding of the industrial demands and scientific and technological advancements, we ourselves are committed to solving most of the environmental problems that are facing the world today. We have a systematic approach to any problem and provide long-lasting solutions that relieve you from repeated calls to a consultant. Our main expertise is in the following areas:

    • Analytical services, data analysis, interpretation, and reporting.
    • Biological and wetland treatment systems and industrial biotechnology.
    • Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) – heat recovery, co-generation, bio-diesel biomass gasification, biogas production, renewable energy utilization and energy efficient technologies.
    • Cleaner production and alternative technologies.
    • Coastal zone and marine environmental monitoring.
    • Contaminant transport in rivers and groundwater, and ecological modelling.
    • Contaminated land remediation.
    • Drinking water treatment (contaminant removal & disinfection)  and distribution networks (flow control and non-revenue water reduction).
    • Environmental assessment, baseline studies, and reporting.
    • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and environmental clearance.
    • Environmental monitoring and compliance guidance.
    • Geographical Information System (GIS) –applications for site selection, optimal routing, remediation, and other project-specific activities.
    • Hazardous waste management.
    • Industrial automation, optimization and cost-reduction.
    • Mining pollution control and natural resource management
    • The operation, troubleshooting, maintenance and automation and up-gradation of wastewater treatment plants.
    • Pipeline design and routing.
    • Remediation, clean-up, and environmental restoration.
    • Remote monitoring and control.
    • Risk assessment & risk management.
    • Software development, system automation, optimization and cost reduction.
    • Wastewater recycling and reuse.
    • Water quality assessment and purification for industrial and domestic applications.
    • Wetland remediation and environmental management.



Our business

This venture is a result of our initiative to commit ourselves to improve waste treatment and management technologies, assist the industry to solve its environmental problems and develop a sustainable world with well-defined social and corporate responsibility.

We are committed to render our knowledge and support towards solving problems related to processing, control and automation in wastewater treatment.

We focus on domestic and industrial waste water treatment, system design for energy reduction and efficiency improvement, process modeling, process control, automation, remote control and management, environmental analysis and impact assessment, application of statistics for industrial process control and environmental issues.

Some of our best qualities include:

  • Wide ranging knowledge and expertise to address industrial environmental issues.
  • Commitment, dedication, hard work, and continuous improvement of our knowledge base and services to meet the demands of the industry.

Who we are?

ECP CONSULTING is an environmental consulting firm started in early 2008 by Eswaramoorthi Sellappa Gounder, Ph.D., after his five years of experience in implementing textile wastewater treatment in Common Effluent Treatment Plants in Tirupur, India, to achieve zero discharge.

This organization is committed to guiding the industry to achieve its social responsibility and maintain environmental compliance.

To achieve this objective, we provide advisory services on reducing the operational costs by improving energy efficiency, utilization of renewable energy resources, waste minimization, recovery, recycling, and investment in carbon emission reduction (CDM) projects.

Though every day more and more scientific and technological advancements are being made, adoption of such vital technologies largely needs broad scientific knowledge and commitment towards environmental ethics.

Our organization is committed to guiding the industry towards the best available cleaner and cost-effective technologies.