With wide-ranging technical expertise and deep-rooted understanding of the industrial demands and scientific and technological advancements, we ourselves are committed to solving most of the environmental problems that are facing the world today. We have a systematic approach to any problem and provide long-lasting solutions that relieve you from repeated calls to a consultant. Our main expertise is in the following areas:

    • Analytical services, data analysis, interpretation, and reporting.
    • Biological and wetland treatment systems and industrial biotechnology.
    • Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) – heat recovery, co-generation, bio-diesel biomass gasification, biogas production, renewable energy utilization and energy efficient technologies.
    • Cleaner production and alternative technologies.
    • Coastal zone and marine environmental monitoring.
    • Contaminant transport in rivers and groundwater, and ecological modelling.
    • Contaminated land remediation.
    • Drinking water treatment (contaminant removal & disinfection)  and distribution networks (flow control and non-revenue water reduction).
    • Environmental assessment, baseline studies, and reporting.
    • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and environmental clearance.
    • Environmental monitoring and compliance guidance.
    • Geographical Information System (GIS) –applications for site selection, optimal routing, remediation, and other project-specific activities.
    • Hazardous waste management.
    • Industrial automation, optimization and cost-reduction.
    • Mining pollution control and natural resource management
    • The operation, troubleshooting, maintenance and automation and up-gradation of wastewater treatment plants.
    • Pipeline design and routing.
    • Remediation, clean-up, and environmental restoration.
    • Remote monitoring and control.
    • Risk assessment & risk management.
    • Software development, system automation, optimization and cost reduction.
    • Wastewater recycling and reuse.
    • Water quality assessment and purification for industrial and domestic applications.
    • Wetland remediation and environmental management.


Author: ecpconsulting

I am a consultant for industrial waste water treatment.

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